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DC 12V 200-1000RPM motor

Produktkode: 1008
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Vekt: 0.25kg

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-Compact DC Gear Box Motor Combination with 37mm diameter gearbox and has 2 terminal connectors.
-Small size DC Gear Motor with low speed, low noise and high torque.
-This motor is solidly constructed.
-Great replacement for the rusty or damaged DC motor on the machine.
-Typical applications: Vending equipments, pan camera, slot machine, money detector, coin refund devices, automatic doors, peritoneal machine, toys motor etc.

Weight: 211g
Model: HJP37RIC
Rated power: 6-8 (W)
Product type: Brush DC motor
Rated voltage: 12 (V)
Rated current: 0.4-1 (A)
Rated speed: 150RPM/200RPM/400RPM/500RPM/550RPM/1000RPM
Rated torque: 0.05-3 (NM)
Size: 37*70 (mm)
Scope of application: Automatic control equipment
Efficiency: 60 (%)

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