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Teleprompter with 70/30 beam splitter glass. 
 Use iPads, Android tablets or any Smart Phone to scroll the text.

Are you looking to improve your video quality? Do you want your videos to look and sound more professional? 
Get rid of those homemade cue cards and make your videos the professional way. 
This Teleprompter allows you to read the text while looking directly at the camera. (Your Camera will not film the text)
Simple to use! Mounts to any tripod in seconds! No assembly required.

Click on video below for details and demo


  • Teleprompter with 70/30 beam splitter glass. (Best in the industry)
  • Custom Hood / Shroud. 
  • All or the mounting hardware to mount to any tripod (1/4 20 threads)
  • No assemble required. 
  • Reusable box with custom foam for easy storage and portability.
  • Phone mount for using phone to video with.

Purchase does not include iPad, Camera or Tripod.

Key Features

  • Use any tablet or phone. Ipad,  Android, Smart phone. to scroll the text on the beam splitter glass (max size 8x12)
  • Aluminum camera mount for your small handheld camera, Smart phones, DSLR, or larger format video camera.
  • Has professional beam splitter glass with 70/30 and anti-reflective rear (70% visible light transmission (VLT)
  • 15mm aluminum rail system. Fully adjustable 
  • Glass folds down for easy storage and portability.
  • Software is not included, however a variety of apps are available at the App Store. I used Promptware Plus in the video.(free)
  • Easily readable to over 12 feet (Font size and scrolling speed are adjustable on most apps)
  • Weighs only 3 lbs.  (Constructed of aluminum with composite frame. Making it strong and durable but lightweight.)

A variety of teleprompter apps are available at the app store (free to 9.99)
  • The apps allow you to scroll the text and control speed
  • Change the font size.
  • The apps also mirror the image so you can read it correctly on the screen.

I used the Promptware  Plus app in this video (free)