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Factory 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 1kg CARBON FIBER based in PLA Filament fr 3D Printer

High quality. Spot goods. We are professional factory producing 3D printing filaments. Retail and wholesale are all welcome.

We have plenty of stock, if the quantity on listing is not enough for you, please send us ebay message, we can add quantity for your order.
Package Included: 1 x 3D Printing Filament
Package Type: 
Item is stored in a sealed vacuum plastic bag and placed in a box.
Box Size:21*21*7cm
Item Description:

Carbon fiber filament is a new blended filament that yields high quality prints. The PLA base material is blended with approximately 20% of high modulus carbon fiber. The chopped up carbon fiber adds dimensional stability and increased stiffness. The light weight carbon fiber is easy to print and results in excellent surface quality.As with all Gizmo Dorks products, carbon fiber filled filament is only produced using the highest grade raw materials. Precision leading equipment measures and controls diameter tolerances. The filament will be free of voids and cavities that cause uneven printing and lead to failures. Each hard durable plastic spool comes vacuum sealed and packed with a desiccant to prevent moisture absorption. When not in use, please store filament properly in a sealed container.Please note - carbon fiber filled filaments are abrasive and may lead to premature wear in brass or aluminum nozzles. We recommend using hardened steel nozzles as they are much more wear resistant.Printer Settings Extruder temperature: 180 - 220 ℃. Bed temperature: 100 - 120℃.

Material: PLA + Carbon Fiber
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (±0.02mm)
Filament Length: 350m
Net Weight (filament only): 1kg
Gross Weight (with spool): 1.18kg
Gross Weight (with box packed): 1.3kg
Printing Temperature: 180-220 ℃
Kind remind: The picutres are from our real items. But there could be color difference between the real item and the pictures, due to the different light and monitor, which should be accepted. Thank you.
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