ORG NR 885 947 522
Produktkode: 772
Tilgjengelighet: 6
Lager: C 17

Pris: kr. 110,00

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1. Size: 16mm x 15mm
2. SN65HVD230 can be used in high interference environment.
3. Fully compatible with ISO11898 standard;
4. High input impedance, allowing 120 nodes;
5. Low current standby mode, the typical current is 370μA;
6. Signal transmission rate up to 1Mb / s;
7. With thermal protection, open circuit failure protection;
8. With anti-transient interference, the protection of the bus function;
9. Slope control, reduced radio frequency interference (RFI);
10. Differential receiver with a wide range of common mode interference,
11. electromagnetic interference (EMI) capability.

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