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1. Precise ESC signal: the precise ESC signal is the biggest advantage of the digital signal. PWM is an analog signal that is susceptible to waveform distortion during transmission.

2. The trip from Dshot: compared with the current value of "1000 ~ 2000", the trip from Dshot is "0 ~ 2048".

3. Speed over: it speed over, faster than oneshot ESC protocol.

4. Security: Dshot comes with four-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC), which is practical. 

5. Support: it supports for oneshot, multishot mode, dshot blheli-s firmware.


Dshot600 ESC is a digital signal, in addition to eliminating the need to calibrate the ESC, no filtering is needed during the transfer, and it is very safe with a cyclic redundancy check bit (CRC).



Supply voltage: 2 S-6 S

Continuous current: 40A

Weight: 11.8 grams

Material: composite material

Support: Dshot150 Dshot300 Dshot600.

The Dshot series calls the BB21MCU. 48 Mhz

Support 2 S-6 S, 4PWM input without BEC


Size : 36*36mm (standard 30.5mm mounting hole spacing)


Package Included:

1* 40A 2S-6S 4-in-1 ESC

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