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    Designed for Arduino intelligent car, the whole bridge DC brush motor drive, for hollow cup motor is very good,PID program source send by email.
    This drive brake quickly, and easy to operation. The customers evaluation that its better than the MC33886 etc.
    The driver use the whole bridge drive chip + extremely low impedance MOSFET. make the MOSFET switching losses to lowest. Improve power utilization rate. MOSFET drive chip with hardware brake function and power feedback function.
    The current shock resistance MOSFET type, resistance is 0.005 ohm, can quickly make MOSFET open channel, improve the speed of the motor curvature, also can rapid in electrical braking. This can make of car can quickly start also can quickly kill car.
    Drive can work at 0%-98% of the PWM duty cycle, because the drive is NMOS circuit, NMOS circuit features is not to 100% PWM, when PWM 100% of control circuit, long time carries out the operation can lead to drive damage.

    Performance parameters:

    Rated voltage: 3 V-15 V
    R1 short circuit, VCC and B + short circuit. VCC output voltage and drive the input voltage.
    R1 open circuit, VCC and B + disconnect. VCC input voltage 3-12 V.
    Rated current: 50 A
    Current peak: 110 A
    Switching frequency: 1 K to 200 kHz
    Dimensions: 5.0 cm (long) * 5.0 cm (wide) * 3.1 cm (high)

    V + Power Input +
    GND Power Input -
    EN Driver Enable, high enable, low off
    RPWM Forward PWM input, high active
    LPWM Reverse PWM input, active high
    CT Current signal output,analog signal
    VT Voltage signal output, analog signal


  • Package
    100% Brand New 
     1x Driver module

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