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This feature transmits your flight data information on every control loop iteration over a serial port to an external logging device to be recorded.

firmware main info here :

After your flight, you can process the resulting logs on your computer to either turn them into CSV (comma-separated values) or render your flight log as a video using the tools blackbox_decode and blackbox_render. Those tools can be found in this repository:

You can also view your flight logs using your web browser with the interactive log viewer:

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# Blackbox firmware for the OpenLog

This modified version of [OpenLog 3 Light][] modifies the "CONFIG.TXT" system that is normally used to configure the
OpenLog in order to simplify the available settings and ensure it is compatible with the Blackbox. The only available
setting in CONFIG.TXT is the baud rate, which defaults to 115200.

You will find a zip file containing the required libraries, the source-code and the compiled hex file on the "releases" page above.

You'll need to copy the required libraries to your Arduino IDE's library path in order to build this from
source. Copy the inner `libs/SdFat-master/SdFat` and `libs/SerialPort-master/SerialPort` folders to your libraries folder directly (don't copy the outer folders `SdFat-master/` or `SerialPort-master/`.)

To flash the firmware to the OpenLog, you can use an FTDI programmer like the [FTDI Basic Breakout][] along with some
way of switching the Tx and Rx pins over (since the OpenLog has them switched) like the [FTDI crossover][] .

If you are using the FTDI USB to TTL cable you must also connect the DTR/RTS pin (green wire in my cable) to the hole labeled "GRN" on the OpenLog.  This is what Arduino uses to cause a reset on the processor so programming can begin.

In the Arduino IDE, choose the "Arduino Uno" as your board and select your serial port (if you use an FTDI cable) or 
your programmer if you're using one. Then click Sketch -> Verify/Compile and File -> Upload (if using FTDI do not choose upload using programmer) to send it to the OpenLog.

[OpenLog 3 Light]:
[FTDI Basic Breakout]:
[FTDI crossover]:

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