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RS485 data radio modem wireless

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* 433MHz transceiver
* 20dBm output power
* -118dBm sensitivity
* 40 channels
* RS485 interface
* NetID & NodeID
* Supply voltage: 3.4~5.5V

DRF4432D20I-043L2 is a low-cost sub-1 GHz transceiver module designed for operations in the unlicensed ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) and LPRD bands. FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) modulation/demodulation, multi-channel operation, high bandwidth efficiency and anti-blocking performance make DRF4432D20I-043L2 modules easy to realize the robust and reliable wireless link.

The module can be configured to work in 40 channels with 1MHz channel space, which reduces the interface from adjacent channels. It contains NetID and NodeID. Only modules with the same NetID can communicate. The NodeID of modules can be different and it doesn’t affect the normal use. The ID is reserved for the future network module.For more details, please check the website of DORJI for datasheet.


Wireless Gas/electric meter, wireless sensor network, Automatic data logger, Industrial telemetry, Home automation, Remote keyless entry, Robotics control.


DRF4432D20I-043L2 is a type of wireless RS485 transceiver module.If buyers need RS232 interface, please buy another type of module DRF4432D20I-043L1.
The package includes 2 pcs modules of DRF4432D20-043L2 and 2pcs antenna.

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