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Rated voltage: 5V-12V.

Rated current: 50A

Peak current: 100A

Dimensions: Length 6.05cm, 4.55cm wide

Installation: screw connection. Mounting Hole Spacing: 5.5cm long, 4cm wide




  • Brand new and high quality.
  • This drive module performs much better than MC33886 or L298 motor drive module. This drive module performs very well in terms of motor start speed and power efficiency. It can withstand high current overload.
  • This drive has a brake function, which can quickly stop the motor. And the operation is very easy. Its performance is better than drive module of MC33886 chips.
  • The drive module contains a full-bridge driver chip and MOSFET of low internal resistance. The full-bridge driver IC minimizes the switching loss of MOSFETand improves power efficiency. MOSFET driver chip has the hardware brake functions and power feedback function.
  • MOSFET is current impact-resistant type, with internal resistance of 0.003 Euro. MOSFET channel can be opened quickly to improve the motor's speed curvature, and also brake the motor quickly. This function can make the car start or stop quickly.
  • The drive module weigh 15 grams. It can work under the PWM duty cycle of 0% -98%, which a common drive module can not.
  • Size:6cm x 4.5cm x 1.9cm - 2.36inch x 1.77inch x 0.75inch.

Performance parameters:

  • Brand new and high quality.
  • limited Rated voltage: 5V-12V.
  • Rated current: 50A.
  • Peak Current: 100A.
  • Dimensions: length 6.05cm, Width 4.55cm.
  • Installation: screw connection. Mounting hole spacing: 5.5cm / 4cm (length-wise/width-wise).

Control Definition:

  • Rotate forward: EN = 1, RPWM = PWM, LPWM = 1, DIS = vacant  
  • Rotate reverse: EN = 1, RPWM = 1, LPWM = PWM, DIS = vacant 
  • Parking and brake: EN = 1, RPWM = 1, LPWM = 1, DIS = vacant 
  • Parking but not brake: EN = 0, RPWM = 1, LPWM = 1, DIS = vacant
  • Prohibit the use: EN = X, RPWM = X, LPWM = X, DIS = 1 


Motor and power wiring:








1pcs 50A motor drive module 

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