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 1.Using L298N made by ST company as the control chip,the module has such characteristics as strong driving

 ability,low calorific value and strong anti-interference ability.

 2.This module can use built-in 78M05 for electric work via a driving power supply part.But to avoid the damage

 of the voltage stabilizing chip,please use an external 5V logic supply when using more than 12V driving voltage.

 3.Using large capacity filter capacitor,this module can follow current to protect diodes,and improve the reliability


 1.Double H bridge drive

 2.Chip L298N (ST NEW)

 3.Logical voltage 5V

 4.Drive voltage 5V-35V

 5.Logical current 0mA-36mA

 6.Drive current 2A(MAX single bridge)

 7.Storage temperature -20 to +135

 8.Max power 25W

 9.Weight 30g



Package included:

 1x New L298N DC Stepper Motor Driver Module Dual H Bridge Control Board for Arduino(not include the screws)


Enable: HIGH (5v) aktivering

Håkon Bech-Sørensen på 01-05-2020 11:57 AM
Måtte bytte til denne, da den forrige ble for svak til den jobben motoren skulle gjøre. Denne klarer det fint!
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