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1).TB6612FNG used in the design is a new drive device can independently control two bidirectional DC motor, it has a high level of integration, while providing sufficient output capability, operating performance and energy consumption also has advantages, so the integration miniaturization of the motor control system, it can be ideal as a motor driving device.
2).It has a high current MOSFET-H-bridge, dual circuit outputs can drive two motors.
3).TB6612FNG highest output per channel 1.2 A continuous drive current,
peak current start up 2A/3.2 A (continuous pulse / single pulse)
4 kinds of motor control modes: Forward / Reverse / Brake / Stop
PWM supports frequencies up to 100 kHz; standby mode
chip low-voltage detection circuit and thermal shutdown protection circuit
working temperature: -20 ~ 85 ℃; SSOP24 small SMD package

Constitute use TB6612FNG and DC motor control unit MCU and its application in the wheeled mobile robot system in the differential drive. Test runs showed that this combination of devices and SCM applications to achieve a stable and flexible motor drive control. TB6612FNG achieve in terms of integration, performance and output capability to run a better balance for single dual DC motor design and development of a digital control system.

Supply voltage (VCC): 5V
Motor supply voltage (VM): 5V ~ 13.5V

AIN1--AIN2 Channel A input
AO1--AO2 Channel A Output
BIN1--BIN2 Channel B input
BO1--BO2 Channel B Output

By controlling Arduino AIN1, AIN2 or BIN1, BIN2 different levels to achieve different combinations of functions.
Motor speed is controlled by PWM.

Input voltage must not be greater than 13.5V, otherwise there might be damage to the circuit.

Package included:

1x Replce L298N Dual Motor Driver Module Motor Controls TB6612FNG Arduino STM32 ARM


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