ORG NR 885 947 522

Hot spots

1.999 memory channel
2. Dual Display
3.8 groups scrambler
4.Band can be set freely(V/U U/V V/V U/U)
Product introduction
Frequency range
RX:26.000-29.995MHz and 50.000-53.995MHz
108.000-179.995 and 320.000-349.995MHz
400.000-479.995MHz and 700-985MHz
TX26.000-29.995MHz and 50.000-53.995MHz
136.000-174.995MHz and 400.000-479.995MHz
Memory channels
Frequency step
Work mode
Operating temperature
Antenna impedance
Power requirement
1260g (Mobile/Base transceiver)
190x140x44 mm(Mobile/Base transceiver)
Main Function
1. Full Duplex Cross-band repeater
2. Both Stations can Form Combined Same or Different Band (s) Repeat 
3. Full Duplex Working Mode on A/B Areas (e.g: A area transmitting and B area receiving at the same time, vice versa) 
4. Dual Speaker & Dual Output 
5. Same or Different Band (s) Simultaneous Reception UU.W.UV or VU 
6. Frequency Range Suitable for any Region of any Country: 
  RX:  26.000-29.995MHz & 50.000-53.995MHz 
       108.000-179.995MHz & 320.000-349 .995MHz 
       400.000-479.995MHz & 700-985MHz 
 TX:  26.000-29.995MHz & 50.000-53.995MHz 
      136.000-174.995MHz & 400.000-479 .995MHz 
7. Dual Display (Large LCD Dual Frequency Display, two Completely independent Operating Systems) 
8. Over 999 Memory Channels (Area Scanning Management) 
9. Remote-head Mounting Capacity (Multiple installation Types. Convenient Usage) 
10. UV or VU Duplex Cross-band Repeat (Offset Frequency Programmable) 
11. Air Band Receiving Function & AM Mode Receiving Capacity 
12. High Output Power: VHF 50W. UHF 40W 
13. CTCSS/DCS Encoding & Decoding. CTCSS/DCS Scanning 
14. Multiple Speaker Output Settings 
15. DTMF Hand Microphone with Speaker, TX/RX indicator and Volume Controller 
16. Incoming (Caller) ID Display 
17. DTMF Encoding & Decoding 
18. Group Calls, All Calls and Selective Calls 
19. 8 Groups Scrambler 
20. Priority Channel Scanning 
21. APO Power Management 
22. Bandwidth Selectable 
23 Chinese/English Voice Guide 
24. Automatic Temperature Testing 
25. Minimum Operating Voltage Settings 
26. Stun and Kill Function 
27. 2100Hz /1750Hz/1450Hz / l000Hz Single Tone Pulse Frequency (Used when activating repeater signal) 
28. Three Colors Backlight Selectable 
29. Remote Control Setting 
30. Frequency/ Channel Scanning with CTCSS/DCS Detection 
31. Multiple Cooling Ways 
32 Simultaneous Scanning on AB Areas
1 x Mobile/Base transceiver
1 x Hand microphone
1 x Inclined switchboard panel
1 x Screw sets
1 x Hand microphone hook
1 x Mobile mounting bracket
1 x Mobile power cord
1 x Extension cable
1 x Use´s manual
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