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Vertikal multiband HF-antenne 80 - 10 m

{jcomments on}Denne antennen brukes til mobilt bruk med vår bobil. Tanken var å sette et spett i bakken, tre en rørstuss på spettet og feste vertikalantennen på den. Antennen er utført i flere ledd som er lett å sette sammen . Den skal fungere på båndene fra 80 til 10 meter. Men SWR-forholdet på 80-meter og 40 meter er kriminell,langt over 3. Men det var uten jordplan og antennetuner, og jeg antar at begge deler må til for å senke SWR-tallet til nærmere 1 som er ønskelig.



Sigma Euro-Comm SE-HF 360 Fibre Glass Vertical antenna

The Sigma Euro-Comm Ltd HF360 is an end fed vertical antenna, capable of allowing the user to work 80 meters through to 6 meters using an ATU.  The antenna can be pole mounted at ground level or elevated depending on the user’s personal requirements. The antenna is rated at 400W pep.  The antenna comes with fixings and installation guide.

How it works: The antenna is fed using 50 Ohm coax via a SO-239 socket at the base of the unit. A 6:1 UNUN transformer is located in an IP65 weather sealed box at the bottom of the bracket section of the fibre glass elements. The antenna comes in four parts, three  fibreglass poles and one stainless steel tapered whip. The transformer reduces the impedance at the feed point to a more acceptable level making the antenna much more efficient and allowing proper and easy tuning via an external ATU and  automatic ATU’s found in most modern radios.

The antenna can be grounded if the user experiences excessive local static noise, but as the UNUN is DC grounded: grounding will not affect the tuning ratios.




The Highlighted bands in the chart below will require a manual ATU, the others an internal ATU.

BAND          ATU     

80 m              1:3.1 (Manual ATU)                                     Specifications                                                                                                           

60 m              1:1                                                                   Type End fed vertical

40 m              1:1                                                                   Frequency TX / 3.5 - 52 MHz

 30 m              1:1                                                                  RX / 1.8 - 55 MHz

20 m              1:1                                                                   Power handling 400 watts pep

17 m              1:1    (Manual ATU)                                        Impedance 50 Ohms

15 m              1:1                                                                   Connector SO-239

12 m              1:1    (Manual ATU)                                        Length 5.5 meters 18 feet

10 m              1:1                  

  6 m               1:1    (Manual ATU)

Please use a good quality 50 Ohm coax, RG-213 or Mini 8 are probably the best choice.




HAM tilstander

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