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LDG Electronics Z-100PLUS Automatic Antenna Tuner

Mega tuner til min ICOM IC-735, som ikke er utstyrt med tuner. Tuneren som er skreddersydd for IC-735 er ikke å oppdrive, så denne halvautomatiske enheten viste seg å være en god erstatter.

LDG Electronics Z-100PLUS Automatic Antenna Tuner

LDG's popular Z-100 economy tuner is now the Z-100Plus. Still small and simple to use, the Z-100Plus sports 2000 memories that store both frequency and tuning parameters. It will run on any voltage source from 7 to 18 volts; six AA batteries will run it for a year of normal use. Current draw while tuning is less than 100ma.
The Z-100Plus now includes an internal frequency counter so the operating frequency is stored with tuning parameters to make memory tunes a blazingly fast 0.1 seconds; full tunes take an average of only 6 seconds.
RF Power: 0.1 to 125 watts SSB, CW and digital modes.
Latching relays for ultra low power consumption
2000 memories sorted by frequency.
1.8 to 54 MHz coverage (continuous coverage for MARS)
Tunes 6 to 800 ohms. (16 to 150 on 6M)
SO-239 in and out connections for dipoles, verticals, beams, G5RV, OCF, Cobra, ect.
7 to 18 Volts DC, 100 mA. 3 foot DC power cable included.
Dimensions: 5.5”L, 5.5”W, 1.5”H. Weight: 16 ounces

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